Leaseir MHR

Leaseir is able to treat with 40J/cm2 at 4 Hz using the 30 millisecond mode. It can cover large areas of the body at 4Hz maintaining the sapphire tip slightly over 0ºC. MHR is consistent with the original clinical studies.
3 different spot size with one click, removable hand pieces and 3 different wavelengths. Leaseir matches what every aesthetic clinic needs.
Leaseir MHR CMMS (Clinical Metadata Management System) works by filing away all the relevant info for the treatment. Making possible Business Intelligence analysis to measure treatment effectiveness and efficiency for different professionals and locations.

Easy upgrade from 9×9 to 13.5×15 or to 14.5×25.5 spot sizes and choose 808, 755 or 1060 nm.   MHR suits your aesthetic clinic present time agenda and clinical needs and is prepared for future growth

High Power Diode Laser
2000W/4000W/6000W with 10/20 diode bars.

Able to work at 4Hz at full power

Up to 40 J/cm2 on automatic mode as well as 30ms, 100ms, and 400ms

Hand piece replaceable by the user

Makes maintenance and spot size changes easier

Cooling system

Laser tip with continuous cold temperature of 0ºC, which acts as an anesthetic. Internal cooling system, which allows treatment with a room temperature of up to 28ºC

User experience enhancing interface

15” touch screen with resistive LED technology

0,81 cm2

2,0 cm2

3,7 cm2


SINGLE  0,81 cm2
810 nm 1 to 4 Hz
and 10 Hz at SP
40 J/cm2, 30 ms
60 J/cm2, 400 ms
2  to 400 ms  2000 W
DUAL 2,0 cm2
810 nm 1 to 4 Hz
and 10 Hz at SP
40 J/cm2, 30 ms
60 J/cm2, 400 ms
2 to 400 ms  4000 W
QUAD 3,7 cm2
810 nm 1 to 4 Hz
and 10 Hz at SP
25 J/cm2, 30 ms
50 J/cm2, 400 ms
1  to 400 ms  6000 W

Tip temperature 0 to 3ºC
Console equipment Height 110 cm, Width 45 cm and Deep 57 cm
Weight 50.5 Kg.
Environmental conditions 15º-28ºC / 0-90% humidity / 90-110 KPa.
Laser type 4 according to EN60825-1
Other Specifications
Fully insured Diode with maintenance contract
No operating expenditures: without consumables, tips, fibers or cryogenic gas
Own technical support
Designed and manufactured in Spain
External Connections
Electric supply cable
2.4 m.
Pneumatic pedal 1.8 m.
OD 5+ @ 790 – 830nm   >=5%

 LCD Panel
Display Size 15″ LED backlight panel
Resolution 70° / 70° / 80° / 80°
Viewing Angle (U/D/L/R) 400 cd/m2
Brightness 75 Kg.
Contrast Ratio Contrast Ratio
Response Time (ms) 8 ms
Touch Screen
Dimensions (W x H) 326.5 x 253.5 mm
Touch Screen 5-wire Resistive
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 70° C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 80° C
Humidity 10~ 90% @ 39° C., non-condensing