Leaseir DS

Leaseir DS in portable form is the fastest and most powerful platform of the market, allowing for an easy and fast transport if needed by the business. Following the company´s design philosophy of obtaining maximum fluencies at maximum spped, the Leaseir DS reaches 40 J/cm² at 4hz and specific accessories


Leaseir DS is compatible with the 810nm Single and Dual, 755nm and 1060nm handpieces, makiing it easier and faster to interchange handpieces. .

New platform with interchangeable handpieces, available in two spot sizes and three wavelengths, 810nm, 1060nm and 755nm. The Leaseir DS adapts to your needs and acompanies you in the growth of your center, at all times.

High power diode laser


Can work at 4Hz at maximum power
Up to 40J/cm² in auto, 30ms, 100ms and 400 ms modes.

Replaceable handpiece by user

Enables maintenance and change of spot size

Cooling System

Continuous tip cooloing near 0°C, acting as an anesthetic. Internal cooling system that allows working at comfortable room temperatures.


Interface with intuitive design

15″ touch screen with LED 5-wire resistive technology



Two modules, console and chiller. Easy to move. Portable laser with
the most powerful cooling system on the marktet.

Two sizes that adapt to each professional’s needs achieving the desired efficiency.

Leaseir provides user comfort thanks to a practical design, based mainly on the ergonomics of the gun and an interface that gives simplicity and ease of use.

Leaseir can treat large body areas at 4Hz, with fluencies and modes recommended in original clinical studies.

0,81 cm2

2,0 cm2

Two new handpieces to provide maximum efficiency and benefits in specific skin phototypes. One handpiece at 755nm for fair skin types and another at 1060 nm for darker skin types.


SINGLE  0,81 cm2
810 nm 1-2-3-4 Hz
and 10 Hz mode
40 J/cm2, 30 ms
60 J/cm2, 400 ms
1  to 400 ms
DUAL 2,0 cm2
810 nm 1-2-3-4 Hz
and 10 Hz mode
40 J/cm2, 30 ms
60 J/cm2, 400 ms
1  to 400 ms
755nm 2,0 cm2
755 nm 1-2-3-4 Hz
and 10 Hz mode
40 J/cm2, 30 ms
60 J/cm2, 400 ms
1 to 400 ms
1060nm 0,81 cm2
1060 nm 1-2-3-4 Hz
and 10 Hz mode
40 J/cm2, 30 ms
60 J/cm2, 400 ms
1 to 400 ms

Tip temperature 0 to 3ºC
Console  Height 40 cm x Width 32 cm x Deep 38 cm
Chiller Height 63 cm x Width 55 cm x Deep 58 cm
Weight Console 15,50 Kg.
Weight Chiller 39,50 Kg.
Environmental conditions 15º-25ºC / 59-77 F / 0-90% humidity / 54-101.3 KPa
Laser type 4 according to EN60825-1
Fully insured Diode with maintenance contract
No operating expenditures: without consumables, tips, fibers or cryogenic gas
Own technical support
Designed and manufactured in Spain
Electric supply cable 2,4 m.
Optical density @ 790-830 nm   >=5%

 LCD Panel
Display Size 15″ LED backlight panel
Resolution 70° / 70° / 80° / 80°
Viewing Angle (U/D/L/R) 400 cd/m2
Brightness 75 Kg.
Contrast Ratio Contrast Ratio
Response Time (ms) 8 ms
Touch Screen
Dimensions (W x H) 326.5 x 253.5 mm
Touch Screen 5-wire Resistive
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 70° C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 80° C
Humidity 10~ 90% @ 39° C., non-condensing


En Ces Depilación Laser decidimos adquirir un Leaseir DS por sus prestaciones. Buscábamos un equipo de alta
potencia que nos permitiera ofrecer una depilación eficaz a nuestros clientes y que además fuera sencillo de
mover para poder ampliar nuestra zona de actuación.

Estamos encantados con el Leaseir DS ya que reúne en un solo equipo los requisitos que nosotros teníamos:

Buenos resultados y portátil. Nuestros clientes están muy satisfechos con los resultados, lo que confirma que
hemos acertado con la elección del equipo.
Además, gracias a su sistema de refrigeración la sensación de molestia es mucho menor a otros sistemas
y con sus modos de trabajo se realiza una depilacion segura y efectiva adaptada a las necesidades del cliente.



Tania Pérez Varela
Gerente, Gerente de Ces Depilación Láser

Incorporamos un equipo Leaseir MHR en nuestras clínicas porque era el equipo que nos aportaba mayor
velocidad y potencia, en varios modos de trabajo. Estoy encantado con el equipo, además de por las
prestaciones que tiene, por el resultado y eficacia de la depilación.
Es increíble como se reduce la densidad de pelo después de cada sesión. Además, destaca su potente sistema
de frío hace que la depilación sea indolora.

Dr Heisman Pereira
Gerente, Clinica Pereira