The best diode laser technology

Today, for buyers, trying to identify the competitive advantages among different products it´s a very tough task. So much information from the industry, marketing messages, intentionally-oriented information, etc. make our clients feel burdened and confounded.

In Leaseir, we are making an effort to simplify our messages, making them simple to understand for our distribution partners and clients, because when you have the best technology in the market, you don’t need to look for complex words to explain why you are better, you only need to be clear.

That´s why we start a small series of simple and short posts focused on our competitive advantages, specially around our diode laser technologies for hair removal. You’ll find them in our web site and social networks.

The first message is focused on what we face in our daily work with clinics and medical centers, and it´s about our working modes and their impact of efficacy and productivity. Why?, because our clients business success is our main priority.

Regarding working modes, the main advantage of Leaseir is based on our capacity to work with very short pulses, delivering the maximum energy, and keeping the maximum speed and the same time. And even more, we are able to do it with our three spot sizes 10x10mm, 13,5×14,5mm and 25,5×14,5mm. Just and example, our lasers are able to work with pulses shorter than 5ms, delivering 40 Jules at 4 Hz (4 shots per second). Please, just compare with other devices.

This technological advantage, powered by the laser internal design, allows our clients to treat thiner and residual hair, during the last treatment sessions, using the same mode. The consequence is clear: fastest and more productive sessions, over all, in larger areas such as back, chest or legs. We are talking about being able to treat those areas in ranges between 10 to 30 minutes without losing quality (without reducing energy, speed, etc) and keeping patient safety.

At the end of the day, this is about our three basic pilar: efficacy, productivity and patient safety.